Cat. 4 – Tachycardia

Coala has detected an increased heart frequency (tachycardia).

Coala indicates a high heart rate, defined as a R-R interval shorter than 600ms. The pulse or heart rate at rest is usually below 100 beats per minute. However, in various conditions, such as infections and pain, the heart rate can be higher. Stress, drugs and, cigarettes can also cause increased stress to the heart. At pronounced stress, the heartbeat can be experienced as if it is falling in the chest.

The reason for a high resting pulse may also be that other cells in the heart than those who normally regulate the beat take over. When this happens, the load on the heart can be too high and then pump the heart with a lower effect. Then, what is called heart failure occurs, and signs of breathlessness, cold sweating or fainting.

It is recommended to consult your healthcare provider when experiencing Tachycardia if you also have other symptoms.

The results presented in the Coala App are intended to be an indicator of your health condition and the information should only be disclosed as informative. Coala Solutions expressly disclaims all responsibility for errors and injuries, and makes no warranties (expressed or implied) regarding the health information. If you have any doubts about your health, Coala Solutions recommends that you always contact your healthcare provider, your doctor or if needed emergency care.