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Focusing on remote ­monitoring in the USA through QorumPartners

QorumPartners lets the clinic focus on what's important
QorumPartners, a subsidiary of Coala Life, offers fully managed remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions that keep patients connected 24/7/365.

QorumPartners handles every aspect, such as billing, patient onboarding, devices (handling, setup, shipping and returns) and most importantly 24/7 monitoring with care team professionals assigned to each patient based on their specific medical needs.

This assures a seamless experience for patients, while reducing workload and stress to the practice allowing clinic staff to focus on in-office consults.

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Our solution

A platform that follows heart patients in everyday life

Communicative remote care

With the Coala Heart Monitor system, it’s easy to follow patients’ hearts remotely, as long as needed. In the Coala Care portal, healthcare providers can communicate with patients, interpret data and create reports for diagnostic support and record keeping.

In the US, the Coala is prescribed to acute and chronically ill patients as part of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs. Reimbursed in the United States by all leading payors.

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healthcare providers actively use Coala for monitoring patients


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Real-time cardiac diagnostics

Coala Heart Monitor system is a unique medical innovation from Sweden based on more than 10 years of R&D, protected by more than 30 patents, and recognized with over 15 industry awards. Its real-time technology is ideal for long-term and non-invasive remote monitoring. Contact us to schedule a demo.

Security in everyday life

Coala Heart Monitor was used in the RedHeart study on nearly 1,000 women with palpitations. The study was led by researchers at Karolinska Institute and the women performed daily ECG measurements over a two month term.

The study concluded that the Coala helped reduce anxiety and depression, which led to reduced heart rate symptoms and increased quality of life.

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