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QorumPartners lets the clinic focus on what's important
QorumPartners, a subsidiary of Coala Life, offers fully managed remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions that keep patients connected 24/7/365.

QorumPartners handles every aspect, such as billing, patient onboarding, devices (handling, setup, shipping and returns) and most importantly 24/7 monitoring with care team professionals assigned to each patient based on their specific medical needs.

This assures a seamless experience for patients, while reducing workload and stress to the practice allowing clinic staff to focus on in-office consults.

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Our solution

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our system is ideal for use in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs and chronic cardiovascular care. Prescribe the Coala Heart Monitor system for long-term monitoring of ECG, heart sounds, and murmurs. With the Coala Care platform, you can also track other vital parameters to help secure RPM compliance.

Patient compliance is key to RPM success. The system has shown to have high patient compliance and satisfaction over longer periods.

Coala Heart Monitor RPM

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How does it work?

Connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone and simply hold the COALA to the chest for 30 seconds to capture ECG and heart sounds, followed by a 30-second thumb-ECG recording. Smart algorithms analyze the recordings instantly. Results are available within seconds in the Coala app and to the healthcare provider in the Coala Care portal.

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healthcare providers are connected to the Coala Care portal


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Coala Care Portal

Real-time cardiac diagnostics

Coala Heart Monitor system is a unique medical innovation from Sweden based on more than 10 years of R&D, protected by more than 30 patents, and recognized with over 15 industry awards. Its real-time technology is ideal for long-term and non-invasive remote monitoring. Contact us to schedule a demo.

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The solution for long-term, non-invasive monitoring

Prescribe it as a thirty-day event monitor or as complement to retrospective ECG patches that have limits in time and use. The patch-free monitor provides real-time diagnostic-quality ECG analysis and heart sound recordings simultaneously to the patient and healthcare provider. Ideal for use in RPM programs to follow patients over long periods of time.

Areas of use

Patch and wire-free ECG

Home enrollment service

A smart service for providers who do not want to handle products and onboarding at the clinic. The patient's monitor is easily prescribed in the Coala Care portal and immediately sent to the patient from us at Coala Life. Simplifies handling and enables faster follow-up. Once the patient investigation is completed, the monitor is sent back to us.

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