Coala Home Enrollment service

The Coala has been shipped directly to to the home of thousands of users in Europe since 2017. Coalas Home Enrollment service is now also available in the US - especially addressing patients in need and to offload the clinic.

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Patch-free cardiac monitoring

The Coala is easy to use and the only patch-free Remote Heart Monitor that provides real-time diagnostic-quality ECG analysis and heart sound recordings simultaneously to the patient and healthcare provider. With the Coala Home Enrollment service, the Coala is shipped direct to the patient limiting in person interaction with healthcare provider.

Real-time patient data

Instead of sending in patches and waiting weeks for reports, the Coala analyzes all ECG recordings in real-time based on industry leading P-wave and RR-dispersion algorithms. Recordings and patient data are easy to access, review and download in Coala Care Portal. Summary reports can be produced and downloaded anytime.

No surprise billing

The Coala can be prescribed and billed as 30-day Event Monitor or as a Remote Patient Monitor for as long as medically necessary. Providers bill the global codes and there is no split of technical component - ensuring their time is fully reimbursed. No unexpected bills for patients, they only pay their applicable co-pay. Fair and more affordable.

Coala Care Portal

Telemedicine 2022

Coala Life enables virtual cardiac diagnostics like no one else. When adding telemedicine services to your practice, the Coala offers unprecedented opportunities to help revolutionize healthcare. For more information, contact our Home-enrollment response team on 888-579-4441 or email