Areas of use for Coala Heart Monitor system

Remote patient monitoring

The Coala Heart Monitor system is ideal for remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs. Prescribe for long term monitoring of ECG, heart sounds, murmurs or lungs in chronic patients. With the platform, you can also track other vital parameters including tools to help secure RPM compliance.

Our solution has shown in studies to have high patient compliance and satisfaction over longer periods of time. Read more about the system and RPM solutions here.

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Enhancing cardiac rehab programs

For patients on cardiac rehab programs, prescribe the Coala Heart Monitor system to engage patients and remotely follow the heart over three months, or even up to a year. Ideal to help increase adherence to rehab programs with non-invasive, real-time cardiac event detection.

Our solution is covered by nationwide payors and is easy to prescribe and enroll on-line together with a 24/7 monitoring center option. Read more about our solution and cardiac rehab here.

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Diagnosing and managing intermittent palpitations

Millions of patients suffer from intermittent palpitations and alerts from consumer wearable devices. Prescribe the Coala Heart Monitor system as a first-line ECG monitor to help diagnose and manage symptoms. It can be used as long as medically necessary. The results shown in the Red Heart Study (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden 2021) Coala Heart Monitor system helped reduce palpitation symptoms, anxiety, and levels of depression related to palpitations.

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Monitoring pre- and post- procedures

The Coala Heart Monitor system is ideal for remotely monitoring baseline rhythms before a procedure and helping physicians identify potential surgical risks. Patients can then continue monitoring post-procedure from home to help physicians detect complications and potentially reduce readmissions. Read more about the post-cardiac ablation protocol and the post-cardiac surgery protocols.

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Complement to Holter and patches for short-term ECG monitoring

Coala Heart Monitor system can be an ideal solution when Holter or retrospective ECG patches are inconclusive. It can be prescribed as long as needed - without any wires, adhesives, or surgery needs. Recordings are easy to access with automatic interpretation and real-time reports are available on-demand in the cloud-based Coala Care portal. Nationwide reimbursement ensures your team’s time is covered, and no unexpected bills for the patient.

Remote lung auscultation

Our monitor can also be used to monitor lung sounds from a patient's home remotely. The unique stethoscope and respiratory monitoring solution were 51Ok cleared by the FDA in 2022. Easy to enroll patient's directly from their homes, eliminating the need for physical visits. Data is transmitted in real-time, making the Coala Heart Monitor system ideal for telemedicine use.

Monitor patients on cardiotoxic drugs

Drugs with potential cardiac toxicity are particularly prominent in cancer treatment. Some drugs can cause arrhythmia's and require frequent ECG monitoring, often requiring clinic visits

Prescribe the Coala Heart Monitor system for long-term patient monitoring from home to help detect rhythm abnormalities.

Murmur detection

The monitor has an integrated high-performance stethoscope enabling remote auscultation of the heart.

Our Phonocardiogram (PCG) analyzes the heart sound in perfect sync with the ECG to aid the detection of S1, S2, and murmurs. Enhance the remote auscultation by using the five integrated filters in the Coala Care portal.