The platform for remote monitoring of patients undergoing cardiac rehab

Long-term monitoring during cardiac rehab

Our solution allows for long-term and non-invasive cardiac monitoring - without adhesives or limitations in time. With its instant patient feedback, our solution is ideal to help increase adherence to cardiac rehab programs. Nationwide payer coverage and easy to prescribe and enroll on-line together with 24/7 monitoring center option

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Billed separately as add-on to cardiac rehab

It's easy to prescribe the solution directly through the web-based Coala Care portal. Shipment directs to patient and we can help provide home enrolment services. Billable as a distinct, separate procedural service and abilities to convert to RPM program and billed as long as medically needed. The Coala Heart Monitor system is ideally bundled with a blood pressure monitor.

24/7 data review and nationwide coverage

The Coala Heart Monitor system is a prescription-only, everyday life two-separate-lead ECG solution with industry leading capabilities and detection accuracy. It's FDA 510k cleared and covered by nationwide payors. Our 24/7 monitoring center services can be added to help review data. And of course with a risk-free, pay-per-use service model.

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