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Professional ECG in a safe environment

The Coala Heart Monitor is an award-winning medical device designed for the everyday life of patients. A high-resolution and sophisticated solution connected to the patient's smartphone. Record ECG direct on the chest in just a minute to capture data that helps the prescribing physician quickly diagnose and treat.

How does the Coala Heart Monitor work?

Three stainless steel electrodes record the ECG in 60 seconds. An integrated digital stethoscope records heart sounds at the same time. Data is transmitted via the Coala App for real-time analysis - with results presented simultaneously to patient and provider. The Coala typically needs to be charged only once a month.

What can the Coala Heart Monitor System detect?

The smart algorithms are developed to help discover 9 of the most common arrhythmias and aid the detection of heart murmurs. The Coala can also be prescribed and configured to remotely listen to the patient's lungs.

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What makes the Coala so unique?

Coala Solution is simply like nothing else. It captures and records the electrical signals of the heart with up to 3 times as high resolution as other solutions on the market. Combined with the 2-lead technology and P-wave-based detection, the Coala has been shown to be industry-leading in accuracy in the detection of Atrial Fibrillation. And the integrated stethoscope provides physicians with the ability to listen to the heart and lungs - remotely in the patient's home.

Hans-Jörgen Nilsson, Överläkare i arytmi vid kardiologen, Skånska Universitetssjukhuset i Lund

More than 10 years of Swedish research and development

The Coala Heart Monitor System is the first integrated smartphone-based solution to detect atrial fibrillation based on analysis of both P-wave and R-R variability in ECG measurements, fully in line with clinical guidelines. The system is based on research findings presented at the American Heart Association, Kardiovaskulära Vårmötet, and the European Society of Cardiology. Among other things, the studies show that our analysis algorithms have market-leading performance and accuracy.

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