About us

Coala hjärtmonitorCoala Solutions AB

Coala Solutions is a Swedish medical device company focused on cardiac diagnostics and mobile health that has developed a portfolio of patented products and services for digital remote monitoring, analysis and screening of the heart.

Coala Heart Monitor is an award-winning medical device and service launched in early 2017 directly to end customers. Since 2018, Coala Pro has been marketed to healthcare providers to enable cost-effective and digital cardiac assessments remotely.

The service is based on some 30 patents and around SEK 300 million has been invested in Coala Solutions by leading Swedish investors, and the company is backed by a board with broad expertise and experience from the healthcare sector.

Our vision – Predicting and preventing heart disease

Coala Solutions vision is to help win the fight against the world’s leading cause of death – heart disease.

Our contribution is to develop innovative digital products and solutions that enable patients to monitor and analyse their hearts themselves, powered by smart algorithms with real-time analytics. Coala Solutions innovations put the patient at the centre, are user-friendly and are based on many years of Swedish research and development.

The aim is to generate data that, with the help of algorithms, will make it possible to predict heart and lung diseases and thus help to avoid the course of the disease.

The business concept is to offer healthcare providers an innovative and patient-centric medical device platform that enables remote monitoring of patients in their daily lives, helping to eliminate waiting times in healthcare and enabling healthcare providers to improve diagnostics, mainly for heart and lungs.

The goal – Helping millions of patients

Coala Solutions strategic goal is to radically improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes for millions of patients affected by cardiovascular diseases. This is made possible by offering patients and healthcare providers solutions for non-invasive and patient-centric predictive diagnostics.

The background to the development of the Coala Heart Monitor was that the measuring equipment often used by healthcare providers requires physical visits, does not involve the patient in their own care, has poor accuracy and often leads to long waiting times.

Coala Solutions aims to be the market-leading platform provider for non-invasive long-term monitoring and diagnostics of cardiac patients in everyday life. Coala Solutions will offer the market products that are replaced by local insurance schemes in the markets in which we operate so that Coala can be made available at no cost to the patient. We will deliver patient-centric and user-friendly products, leading to high utilization/adherence rates and thus increasing the likelihood of positive clinical outcomes.