Cat. 3 – Skipped beats

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Coala has detected skipped beats, that may be AV Block II.

Coala indicates skipped heart beats. The Coala system is designed to detect changes in the heart’s rhythm. Temporary skipped heartbeat is normally due to impaired pulse formation from the cells in the heart that usually send out the pulse that leads to a heartbeat. AV block 2 or beats longer than 2.2s

A heartbeat can also be delayed temporarily or permanently. This is because the area or ”path” in the heart that the signal / impulse usually travels along is blocked.

The impulse formation over the years often shows a decrease in the cells that normally send heartbeat pulses, which can lead to lower heart rate. At the same time, with increasing age, disturbances in the propagation of the impulse can occur. If the normal heartbeat becomes too slow, other cells can take over the impulses, but then usually with lower frequency than normal. If this happens, you may need a pacemaker in some cases.

Skipped heartbeats are usually not dangerous. However, should you experience discomfort, dizziness or other symptoms, you should contact your healthcare provider.

The results presented in the Coala App are intended to be an indicator of your health condition and the information should only be disclosed as informative. Coala Solutions expressly disclaims all responsibility for errors and injuries, and makes no warranties (expressed or implied) regarding the health information. If you have any doubts about your health, Coala Solutions recommends that you always contact your healthcare provider, your doctor or if needed emergency care.