Coala Care instructions

1. Enroll new patient in Coala Care

Activating a new patient

Prepare for next patient

2. Patient activation and introduction

Patient introduction

Starting up the Coala

Pairing the Coala

3. Remote monitoring, diagnose and report

Reviewing patient data

Activating and deactivating patients

Prepare for next patient

Resetting the Coala

Charging the Coala

Other instructions

How to place the Coala for a chest recordingHow to place the Coala for a chest recording

Hold the Coala between your thumb and middle finger. Place the Coala firmly to the left of your sternum (chest bone) as shown. It is important that the Coala is held upright (COALA text facing down). Press the heart button with your index finger to start recording and hold Coala steady during the entire recording. Try to relax and breathe normally. Avoid speaking during measurement recordings to ensure best quality recording.

How to place the Coala for a thumb recordingHow to place the Coala for a thumb recording

Place your thumbs on top of electrodes as shown in diagram below. For best possible recording, hold Coala in a relaxed position resting your forearms on a table or on your legs when sitting down. Avoid pressing the electrodes too hard, just maintain a firm grip.