Coala Connect

A service for remote, smart cardiac assessments and for healthcare providers who don’t want to handle products at the clinic.

Hans-Jörgen Nilsson, Överläkare i arytmi vid kardiologen, Skånska Universitetssjukhuset i Lund

Convenient for the clinic

We lend the Coala to patients and it is easy to use at home for a longer period of time. An important advantage is that the nurses can distribute it to the patients who come in. They don’t have to wait for an appointment with a doctor.

Hans-Jörgen Nilsson, MD, PhD Cardiologist at Skåne University Hospital, Lund




Coala Connect - Så funkar det

This is how it works

When ordering via Coala Solutions, a Coala Heart Monitor is sent directly to the patient, which simplifies handling for the care, no waiting times and where follow-up and investigation is done easily remotely via a connected computer.

  1. Account and login details for the Coala Care portal are provided by your contact person at Coala Solutions.  
  2. A Coala Heart Monitor is sent to the patient's home.  
  3. Inform the patient of the login details for the Coala app, how often they should measure and when the assessment period ends.  
  4. Once the patient receives their Coala Heart Monitor, they download the app and connect the Coala Heart Monitor to their smartphone.  
  5. The patient performs measurements for a set period of time.  
  6. At the end of the investigation, the patient returns the Coala Heart Monitor and accompanying accessories in a pre-stamped envelope to Coala Solutions.  
  7. As a healthcare provider, you have the ability to review the patient's ECG during and after the investigation to determine a possible diagnosis.  

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